Moving Stressors You May Not Have Considered

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Moving is ranked at the top of the list of stressful things a person might encounter in their lifetime. Though you may be excited about the reason for relocating (i.e. a new job, love interest, or first house), getting there is a journey that can turn your hair gray and your mood blue. While some stress is to be expected and may even be what pushes you to get things done, there are too much of it can put a damper on the entire occasion.

So, how does one reduce the stresses of moving? It starts by identifying them and being prepared. Most people are aware of things like the cost, packing, and preparation it takes to move, but there are other factors that can also make moving a bit more challenging.


If you have children, it is no doubt going to be stressful to move. Younger children tend to get in the way of the entire process. Trying to pack toys, clothes, and other items they’ve grown attached to without them interjecting is nearly impossible. Not to mention, keeping them out of harm’s way can also be a real pain.

Solution: The best way to reduce the stress of moving with kids is to either allow them to help or to get them completely out of the picture until you’re done. Infants and toddlers, of course, would be better off going to a relative’s house when you’re packing so the don’t get hurt or bog you down with a ton of questions about their belongings. Older children, on the other hand, can pitch in. Give them assignments that are safe and appropriate for their age like boxing up their toys or discarding of trash. When they’re involved, they are occupied and less likely to get in the way.


Much like children, your pets can also add to the stress of a move. They can’t communicate like your kids can and tend to get into everything. If you have others helping you move, they might also become anxious and act out. This might include territorial urination, consistent barking, biting,or even hiding from strangers. Pets also have a tendency to get in the way which could cause an accident or slow you down.

Solution: Again, if you have a relative who is willing to watch your pets on moving day, it would be a good idea to get them out of the house. If not, however, try to consider things like dog treats with cbd to calm their anxiety and using safety gates to keep them in an area they won’t get hurt in.

Mental Pressures

Not too many people consider the mental pressure of moving. You’re essentially leaving behind a place, people, and things you were once attached to for the unknown. Your mind is racing a thousand miles a minute trying to figure out how you’ll get it all done and subconsciously thinking about what lies ahead.

Solution: It’s common to feel a ton of emotions during a move. Try to keep overwhelming emotions from consuming you by preparing. Write down a list of things you’re excited about from the move. Whether it’s a better job, more things to do, or being closer to relatives it can help change your mindset. Get contact information from those you wish to stay in touch with, take pictures, and spend some quality time with others before moving. As for the move itself, prioritize with lists and start packing well in advance to avoid getting stressed out.

Moving is already stressful enough when you consider all you have to pack, the money you’ve spent, and the time you have to get it all done in. Though you can’t eliminate all the stress involved, you can make moving easier by being aware of the stressors and knowing how to resolve each one. Hopefully, these tips will help you, your children, and your pets relocate with less fuss.