How To Protect Your Wood Fence From the Elements

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An attractive wood fence is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal of a real wood fence, such fencing can add thousands of dollars to the market price of a property.

Battle of the Elements

Mother Nature can be hard on wooden fencing. Sun, rain, sleet, snow, ice, and even wind can adversely affect the appearance and condition of your wooden fence.

If you are thinking of installing a wood fence columbus ohio, the best way to protect your investment from the elements is either painting or staining the wood. In this regard, you typically have three options – paint, semitransparent stain, or solid stain.


When applied to a wooden surface, paint acts as a layer of protection that is meant to prevent or at least significantly inhibit, moisture from reaching the underlying wood. Paint, however, can be prone to bubbling, chipping, and peeling. As a result, paint might not last as long as a stain before a new coat needs to be applied. Regardless of what type of paint finish (eggshell, flat, glossy, etc.) you select, it should provide more protection than stain from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Stain is thinner than paint in its appearance and when applied as a coating to wooden fencing. Since it is less viscous, stain is intended to penetrate the actual pores of the wood in order to keep water out. Semitransparent stain contains less pigment than solid stain and, therefore, results in a translucent appearance which allows the natural texture of the underlying wood to show through. By contrast, solid stain contains more pigment and generally covers the grain of the wood underneath. Not surprisingly, semitransparent stain offers less UV protection than solid stain.

Before you install a wood fence, it is helpful to speak with a professional about the options for protecting the wood. By doing so, your investment will be more likely to look beautiful for years to come.