Best Flooring Ideas for Small Apartments

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Obviously, every person wishes to have their perfect home and it is usually a large one. However, the reality is that most people have small homes but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a small home can’t be perfect. A smaller place is always cozier and has a very homey feel to it. But people make a lot of mistakes when decorating their homes. Most people are aware that choosing light colored walls can make their rooms look larger and better. But people also don’t realize that choosing the wrong flooring options can also have a negative effect on the room. In order to avoid mistakes, you can take a look at the Karndean Opus for some interesting ideas.

Here are some steps that you can follow to install flooring correctly:

  • Don’t go for strips, instead choose planks- If you want to make your room look bigger, go for planks that exceed 7.5 inches in width. If you pair this parallel to your longest wall it can make your room look massive.
  • Use the same flooring in all the rooms-Most people think that getting different flooring in different rooms will make the room look better but that isn’t true. You should try to use the same type of flooring in every room. This will make your rooms look like they are one and it will look like they are going on forever.
  • Place the flooring in a diagonal position- If you place the flooring diagonally, it will make it look better.  You can do this with stone, hardwood or tiles.
  • Go for darker color wooden planks- If you choose a dark wooden plank and pair it well with the correct wall it can really make your room look larger. Choose a dark and large plank. Choose a cool color for your walls as well as the ceiling. Choosing the right light and dark colors can make any room look larger.
  • Use large tiles- Choose tiles that are larger than 300mm.  This can really make your floor space look larger. Use rectified edges to make the tiles look even larger.
  • Keep the furniture off the floor- This is actually another way to create the illusion of more space. Use the empty walls to make your rooms look larger.  When purchasing furniture, try to buy wall shelves or cupboards or speakers to keep on your walls. Keeping the flooring empty can make it seem like your room is larger.

Although you can’t actually make your room size increase, you can easily trick the human eye by giving the illusion of a larger room. Follow these steps to make it seem as though your room is larger. Use any other tips and tricks to pair off furniture and paint well. Make sure that your room isn’t cluttered, less and smaller furniture would make a room look much smaller. Try to keep most of your furniture on walls, however, do not clutter there as well.  Organize furniture in such a way that your room looks larger even if you need to adjust the angles of particular pieces of furniture.