4 Small Space Hacks for Your Shower Space

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The Shower space should be clean, uncluttered, accessible, easy reach for supplies, and the materials used should be safe and durable. The floor should also integrate a waterproofing membrane, to prevent water from seeping through. The results are an intricate assembly of corner shower kits, that can be easily assembled, disassembled, or even trimmed to the exact dimensions of the required space.

If you Just bought a condo or rented an apartment, and you want to self-assemble the corner shower kits for a custom feel to your bathroom, here are a few suggestions to get started.

1.A Wheelchair Accessible Shower Enclosure

The outer framework of the shower enclosure forms a tight fit for all the other accessories you will need to install. Enclosures designed within reasonable tolerances of the quoted width and height are ideal. The shower enclosure is economical on your space, and ideally spacious on the inside. If you’re conservative with color, you will love the attractive white gloss finish, that is mold resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

2.A Shower Pan

This is the recess that holds the shower water as it drains away. Your bathroom needs a tactile floor with enough traction to prevent slip falls. A good shower tray drains away all water, without leaks. It should also have the right depth to hold in the draining water without spilling on the floor.  High quality fiberglass, concrete or plastic make up the highly durable pan, to ensure it gives you good service, with low wear and tear, and resistance to stains and fungus. The shower pan connects to the plumbing, which should only be handled by a professional.

3.Lower threshold shower system

The ADA Compliant system features a barrier-free wheelchair accessibility, an easy reach to the essentials, shower levers, and shelf, thanks to the low-level positioning; a pressure balanced mixing valve; two satin steel grab bars and an adjustable shower wand.
The design cleverly integrates a folding seat, so you can comfortably wash your feet in the shower.

4.Corner shelfs

Corner shelfs are easy to mount on the wall, and you can easily unmount for a change. A shelf is an essential utility in the washroom, helping you organize the toiletries, towels, napkins, soap, and supplies. The product comes with a manual, with clear graphics for easy installation. A sticky pad lines the back of a wall corner shelf, to glue it to the walls. Edges are then caulked with silicone glue all round for a sturdier grip.

If you need any help, leave us a message at info@americanbathind.com, and we’ll help you choose from an assortment of corner shower kits and accessories.